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Un film de Melaine Gabriel MABIALA-LOEMBA

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This trip was definitely one of my favs so far- in life!
Would you visit Ghana?

Well I had the opportunity of visting Ghana with their top comedian Michael Blackson.

Ghana was one of the most refreshing countries ive ever visited, feeling a connection while touring and learning about the culture is something that is not taught in schools. These things you learn from the natives are eye opening and touching... i cried a few times while learning the history, tears of comfort and joy.

B A Tours Ghana made sure everything involving entertainment and nightlife experiences, was set before we arrived. Mainly because a majority of the parties are in HIGH demand!

TOP TIP: Sights and tours weren't very busy, but you should arrive as early as possible. If you are visiting Cape Coast from Accra, the journey is 3/4 hours tops, and there is a possibility you may experience some traffic on the route back, therefore. Early arrival would equal early departure. In a seperate video, Ive made a list of places to party at and eat, depending on your budget and taste.

Ensure you book your event tickets/ tables in advance because the last thing you want to do, is paid at the door. Some events are so popular that organisers scrap payment on the door, while others may allow you some grace if you arrive extra early, before a possible rush! Also, aim to book restaurant reservations well in advance as possible, December in Ghana is a hectic period, and a lot of the time, popular restaurants will be fully booked.

Ghana in December is incredibly humid, reaching temperatures as high as 32/34ºc in the daytime, so I would suggest loose-fitting clothing, fabrics like linen cotton. Loose dresses, shorts, and so on. The majority of restaurants and clubs are open-air, accompanied by industrial fans, but bear in mind you will feel the humidity, so a personal handheld fan is a must-have! (I took 2 on this trip, and as I expected, one broke, so I still had my backup fan)






UBER & Bolt operate reliably in Accra. Fares range between GH₵ 35- 48 (£4.20 - £5.52) for an average 15-minute trip. Daytime is never an issue; however, some nights are hectic, and taxis are difficult to get, so another top tip is to book a trip on each app simultaneously, and whichever is arriving the soonest is the one you go for; it worked perfectly for us!

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What Can $100 Get in Cape Town, South Africa is a budget travel video where I explore Cape Town with only $100 and see how much fun I can get up to. This video highlights the cost of living in cape town and what it feels like to be on a budget.

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South Africa is Not As Bad As They Make It Seem is a video about me traveling to South Africa after being away for 2 years. This is a video of me explaining the real reason I'm here. Thanks to South Africa Tourism for Inviting me over. Do like watch and enjoy.

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C'est un pari fou, recréer Versailles à Dubaï, un palace inspiré des châteaux français et y faire venir les familles royales européennes. Un temple du luxe pour l'aristocratie conçu par un milliardaire ukrainien.

Réalisateur : Véronique Siejak

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Cette formule tout compris est la formule préférée des Français. Chaque année, ils sont plus d’un million à s’envoler au soleil. Nous étions à Punta Cana pour découvrir de l’intérieur un immense complexe hôtelier entièrement dédié aux loisirs.
Réalisateur : Pierre Lascar

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Bienvenue sur la chaîne officielle YouTube de NCI, la Nouvelle Chaîne Ivoirienne. Retrouvez ici en Replay tous les programmes de la NCI .

NCI est une chaîne TV généraliste qui propose des programmes majoritairement produits en Côte d’Ivoire et traite tous les sujets de façon moderne .

📺 NCI est désormais disponible sur le Bouquet Africain d'Orange France : n°599

#çasepasseici #NCI
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