Why Netflix is Collapsing: The Truth About Netflix's Empire

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The Netflix Movie: The INSANE Rise and Fall of Netflix - a MagnatesMedia business documentary on the history of Netflix. This is the truth about Netflix, a look inside the rise and fall of Netflix’s streaming empire. Thanks to ShipStation for sponsoring the show!

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00:00 The Netflix Movie: Intro
00:51 How Netflix REALLY Began (1)
05:53 The First Day of Netflix (2)
09:42 The Bezos Dilemma (3)
13:11 A Series of Unfortunate Events (4)
18:34 The Subscription Pivot (5)
21:32 Selling Netflix to Blockbuster (6)
25:14 How Netflix Killed Blockbuster (7)
37:15 Sponsor Break: Shipstation
38:15 The Qwikster Disaster (8)
41:56 Original Content & The 4 Stages of Netflix (9)
48:58 The Bizarre Culture of Netflix (10)
56:54 The Streaming Wars & The Death of Netflix? (Final Chapter)

This Netflix movie covers the full Netflix story, including:

➡️How Netflix REALLY began (the origin story of Netflix, including how Netflix was founded by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings)

➡️A look behind the scenes of Netflix in the early days, using info from former Netflix employees & Marc Randolph’s book “That Will Never Work”

➡️How Jeff Bezos & Amazon nearly bought Netflix

➡️The disastrous mistakes/scandals Netflix was involved in that nearly destroyed Netflix

➡️The genius marketing from Netflix & other business lessons from Netflix

➡️The 4 stages of Netflix - how they pivoted from DVD by mail, to

➡️How Netflix almost sold their company to Blockbuster, but Blockbuster rejected their offer

➡️How Netflix beat Blockbuster - why Blockbuster died and how Netflix killed Blockbuster despite Blockbuster being so much bigger and richer. This includes why Blockbuster went bankrupt, and Netflix’s successful business strategies.

➡️The Qwikster disaster - one of Netflix’s biggest mistakes, and a controversial decision by Netflix & Reed Hastings once Netflix expanded into the streaming market.

➡️How Netflix moved into producing original content, and why they’re spending billions of dollars on originals.

➡️The Bizarre culture of Netflix, featuring management & leadership lessons from Reed Hasting’s business book, “No Rules Rules”, on how to build company culture and hire a team of A-players who can help your company grow and make more money.

➡️The Streaming Wars - a look at the battle between streaming companies, like Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ and countless other companies who’ve entered the streaming market to compete with Netflix.

➡️The Death of Netflix - is this the end of Netflix? Why is Netflix’s stock price falling? Why is Netflix losing subscribers? Why is netflix stock down? Why is Netflix failing? Why is netflix losing money? Why is netflix removing shows? How does Netflix make money? Why is netflix dying? This history of netflix documentary answers all!

➡️TikTok & YouTube vs Netflix - the attention/content war

➡️Plus other crazy stories about Netflix’s history, how Netflix built their empire, and lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs. The story of Netflix’s business is a wild ride, with plenty of drama and twists. Please subscribe to MagnatesMedia if you want more business movies like this in future.

The history of Netflix is one of the most fascinating company stories - but at one point, Netflix was a small DVD rental service on the verge of going out of business, and they were desperately trying to sell their company to their biggest competitor, Blockbuster... But Blockbuster went bankrupt & Netflix went on to be worth well over $200 billion dollars, so how did Netflix do it? And most importantly, why is Netflix now in very deep trouble? Welcome to THE NETFLIX MOVIE: The Rise & Fall of Netflix by MagnatesMedia.


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